Who is the PA announcer for the Denver Nuggets?

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The PA Announcer's name is Kyle Speller. He brings such life, entertainment and fun to all the games. And he really knows how to get the crowd involved during crucial periods throughout the games! I love him! I've also been told he does a lot of good community work in private, without wanting any public recognition. That's awesome.
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Who is the tallest player on the Denver nuggets?

It's debated, but according to the roster, Johan Petro is the tallest at 7'0" and then Chris Andersen, Malik Allen, Nenê, and Brian Butch are all tied at 6'11" so it is pre
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What is a PA Announcer?

I should know, because I am one. PA stands for Public Address. A public address announcer is an announcer that informs fans at a sporting events. For example, the starting lin