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Linda Altoonian is an award-winning writer whose featured column Dear Ageless appeared regularly in various newspapers around the country including the Fort Worth Star Telegram and on the national wire service. For over ten years prior to her writing her popular column, she served as the Editor-in-Chief of numerous national magazines including the official Mickey Mantle and Selena Collector's Editions. Today, she is a consultant to publishing companies and advertising agencies. She also lectures and writes for various publications.

Linda also teaches journalism and how to produce publications. For her work in the classroom, she was selected the State Journalism Teacher of the Year by the Press Women of Texas in 2005 and by the Interscholastic Press League in 2011. She is also the recipient of other awards including the Time Magazine Award for Most Outstanding Publication in the Nation, the Best Magazine in the State of Texas, gold medals for publication from Columbia University, four Texas State Star for book production, the President's Service Award for her work in magazines, and an Editor's Choice Award for her writing.

Linda has had numerous articles published in anthologies, her children's stories published in a variety of magazines and in Half Price Book's Bedtime series, and she has been regularly featured on radio.

She has traveled extensively throughout the world but has resided for over 25 years in Arlington, Texas where she raised two children and cared for two parents who served as the inspiration for her column Dear Ageless and her newly published book about aging called Living Agelessly: Creating a Lifestyle for MidLife and Beyond.
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