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A latin escort/porn actress from Miami. She also goes by Andria Lynn. She did one scene in South Beach Cruisin 2 and really nothing else that can be found on the net. She does have a facebook and myspace accts and many escort pages on several sites.
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Who is Lexi N?

lexi is a cool person and she is my friend. without her i wouldn't no what to do. she is there for me and she's sweet and cool. she turned 13 not to long ago and as my friend christian would say, she rocks my world. Haha that's so funny! Amy ways hope we stay friends!

How old is Lexi?

US gospel singer Alexis Allen, aka Lexi, is 50 years old (born October 2, 1967). *US wrestler Alexis 'Lexi' Kaufman, aka Alexa Bliss, was born August 9, 1991.

What is Lexi Cyrus's official MySpace?

www.myspace.com/439193164. Hey Im thereallexicyrus and my official myspace is www.myspace.com/473449447 i hope i get alot of adds ily to all my fans peace

What is the definition of Lexis?

All of the words in a language; all word forms having meaning or grammatical function.

Where is Sasha striker?

? nobody knows theirs 2 ways to find out busing Ur chops to find her or having the government find her or she changed her name

Who is Lexi hunter?

\nLexi hunter is awesome. she loves to sing dance act and a lot of other stuff. Her daddy just got married so now she has a stepmom and a stepsister. she thinks that that is awesome. peace love and happiness! she is also the worlds best singer.

How is Lexi Cyrus related to Miley?

Well, Lexi Cyrus is actually Jenny greenwood. People just made diffrent names for her. She isn't related to Miley what so ever. She's a site model, Meaning everyone copies her and poses as her.

What trend did lexi lush start?

She is a Scene queen. So the whole Scene thing is what she helped start. She also helped the whole Hello Kitty thing too. Cause that's whats she is known for. . ♥MuffCake♥ + Lexi Lush is a wonderful, average girl who lives in my state. (Louisiana). My best friend/sister knows her. (&&Vanna Venom and lots more!!!) So yeshiee, she did start the Hello Kitty trend and Scene. (Please No Labels) She is now known as Lexi Bee. (Which I♥Bees) Anyways, she is a typical girl who takes many pictures of herself. Also she is a vegetarian. Hope I helped!!! ♥MuffCake♥ + . ♥MuffCake♥ + is an original. Do not steal! .

Who is Sasha in twilight?

Sasha is the mother in the Denali coven, but the Volturi killed her for creating a vampire child which is illegal.

What is the difference between lexis and grammar?

Lexis = It is the morpheme or vocabulary in a language that has semantic content. Grammar = a set of structural rules in the appropriate application of the parts of speech in a syntax.

What does lexi brill mean?

well lexi means protector of mankind and brill means...European Fish =( so it means protector of mankind and European Fish?!? well i don't know..

What is Sasha doing?

taLking to angeL . ;DD -JaackieHuurtaado ♥ America & Sasha w/h tuu (: DougLas Az , PauL Huber MiddLe SchooL . 11-9-10 ♥

What does Sasha like?

Sasha takes an active interest in parkour and oftentimes will mountain climb to train her parkour muscles. She also likes strawberry parfait and lightly whipped vanilla ice cream. She works it off with deep-sea diving and extreme shell collecting. She is an avid crocheter and often volunteers at the local tea cozy shop. When not saving young puppies from avalanches and carrying baby giraffe amputees, she likes to relax at the firing range with the Gatling gun.

How do you say lexi in french?

The name Lexi is said the same in French as it is in English. Thename Lexi is said in Japanese as Rekishi.

Who is lexi lush?

Lexi Lush is a scene queen. For those of you that don't know what a scene queen is, it's basically a trend setter in the scene steriotype. A scene queen like Lexi Lush has brightly colored hair and they blog/social network almost everyday. Lexi has snakebites, a monroe, and her nose pierced. I believe she's 21 by now. Her hair consists of thick, long bangs across the side of her face, choppy layers, and she usually teases the back of her hair. She has been called the Hello Kitty Queen because she loves Hello Kitty very much. She is very interesting, and i'm sure if this doesn't help, you can find her myspace if you google her

Is Sasha awesome?

Definately not, . his numbers of friends in very few. . he also has a weird face.

Does lexi fancy caterina?

depends on the way she acts around her. if she flirts maybe she does. but if they just talk and junk she probably doesnt

What nicknames are there for the name Lexi?

my name is lexie, and i get called SOOO many nicknames -lexiepie -lexie lou -lexapro -sexy lexie -lex -lexalicious -dislexie (the guys at my school call me this when i act stupid, lol) -lexus -lexinator -miss lexie -lexlie -smexy -AWESOME CHICK -lexo -lux -lexenburg

Does Sasha die?

From warrior manga Sasha! P.S my friends fav warrior cat!She does not die why would she?Well I know one reason why she would die and one reason why she does not die!does die reason is:she could get killed by another clan cat!Reason why she can't die:SHE IS THE MAIN CAT!!!!!!HOLY STARCLAN YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!!!!YIESH! From Crowfeatherlover10!!!

Who is Sasha czack?

She was Sylvester Stallones wife but they divorced in 1985 they had two children together. And she was known as a famous photographer but soon retired when her son got autism.

Who is lexi lapetina?

Lexi Lapetina is a porn star that is now currently retired according to her blog!

Does lexy like you?

If Lexy is a girl and, and, Oh forget it! I don't know! Ask a friend!

What does the English name Lexi mean?

Lexi means " Protector of man kind" Girl Power! It is also a shortened form of Alexis , which means Defender Of The People.

Where is lexi cruz?

Check out you tube she has a site on there that explains her recent where abouts and the industry.

Who is Lexi the hedgehog?

Lexi the hedgehog is in the Sonic series but, is unknown in the series. Lexi is a 10 year old girl who has a BIG secret... Sonic is real. Sonic met Lexi right when she was born but, when Lexi was about three years Lexi & Sonic were separated caused by Chaos Control. Until then Lexi still had adventures meeting new people. For your info, Tails, Cream, Cheese, Knuckles, Amy... Lexi met Sonic again when she almost was 6 years. Just in time for her Birthday January 12! All though Lexi is now having troubles keeping her secret still. To also tell the truth she is a Hedgehog too! She looks similar to Sonic except She's dark pink, Has a single dark thick Eyelash on each eye of course has clothing, Is a girl, Smaller sized body, and a little bit skinner. Lexi also has invisible glasses... The most trouble that is happening to her is her enemy... Nazo the hedgehog! Nazo is not only trying to hurt Lexi but also Sonic. Lexi has one weakness: She gets a headache or stomach ache when Sonic or one of her team mates get hurt. Not to mention she's the strongest and fastest thing on the whole universe. Even if everyone teams up in the whole world to beat her... No way stronger. She's even faster than Sonic and Shawdow combining their speed. So don't think she's faster than you not even stronger... Luckly she's on the good side though...

Are bunnies named lexi cute?

All bunnies are cute, named lexi or not. But watch out, there's some dark bunnies out there, they may be friendly to the owner but that doesn't mean they willl be friendly to anybody else. There are some that act like witches! Even the witch-like bunnies are cute.

Is lexi your friend?

Well personally, no I do not have a friend named Lexi. Wiki.Answers.com is not a single person, but a collection of manymany people who answer questions sent in by people such as yourself. But thanks for asking!

Who is lexy hulme?

Lexy is a dancer, actress, model and artist. She has also dated Joseph Gordon-Levitt, though they are no longer together.

Who is Sasha Azevedo?

Sasha Azevedo is an American Model, Actor, Athlete, and Author born on May 20, 1978 in San Diego, California. Her first film role was in the movie The Notebook (2004).

Who is Lexi Ainsworth boyfriend?

She dated Keegan for a year in 2012 But has chosen not to be in a relationship since.

How old is lexie smith?

I read somewhere she is christian, and ten years old. Born: Sep. 15, 2000 Interests: Country music, guitars, computers, and telivision. Fav. Colour(s):Purple, blue, green, brown, white, black, orange, pink, and red. Look: Auburn hair, brown eyes, tan skin tone.

What does lexi the name mean?

Lexi is a pet form of the female given names Alexandra, Alexia, andAlexis; from the Greek Alexander meaning "defender of man".

What is lexis in poetry?

it is the vocabulary used by the writer. In linguistics it is all words and phrases in a language

Who is lexy Shawn?

Porn 'Star' She only made 4 videos. She's so hot, though. It's a shame she stopped at 4.

What is the Italian translation of 'Lexi'?

Lexi is an English loan name in Italian. Specifically, the name is a feminine/masculine proper noun. It can be a nickname for Alexander or Alexandra in English, but not for the equivalent Alessandro or Alessandra in Italian. The pronunciation is "LEHK-see" in terms of the loan name and "AH-lehs-SAHN-droh" and "AH-lehs-SAHN-drah" in terms of the complete Italian equivalents.

Is Lexi an awesome name?

i guess so but its a very common name so its not as unique, unless your name is alexis.

When is Lexi St George's birthday?

It says on her FaceBook her real birth date which is May 15, 1997 (she's only 15)

Did lexi st george die?

no she did not die! it was just a cruel rumor someone had started on the Internet. she is alive healthy and enjoying her young life as an up and coming pop star!

Who is Sasha Lopez?

Sasha Lopez, his real name Serge,he finished music school in his hometown and also graduated Economical Academy , in Management Field. Since he turned 15 he starts his Dj career in Star Track Club, then he became a resident of City,the most famous Club in the city, where he worked for 8 years, in 2005 he launched his first mix on CD - "Club City Presents". In the same year he meets Dj Nash and start to produce a new project - Studio One, and in 2006, Tanya becomes the vocalist of the project with whom he is collaborating in present. Studio One meets a lot of positive feedback in Romania, and soon becomes a very succesful project, internationally recognized, single "Everytime"(composed by Sasha Lopez and Tanya) becomes a huge hit in Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Rusia, the song also is included on Ministry of Sound compilation (2008), following a collaboration with Tom Boxer (Lose Control), Fly Project (Wonder Girl), Vali Barbulescu (Send Your Love), and the most recent one with Edward Maya (Out of Love). He starts to give a lot of concerts in Romania, and countries from Europe, having at the base a big axperience in dj-ing.

Is Lexi belle married?

Lexi Belle is not married. She does, however, have a pet cat, whichis named Sammy. She also does not have any children.

Is Sasha gone?

i have seen him in season 1and2 i dont think he is going to leave the girls behind

Who is lexy duty?

Ello Mate ! If you want to know who I am just ask Cody Simpson . Because that is my boyfriend. Plus, we are both from Australia(:

What is Sasha in Arabic?

Sasha derives from Alexander, which does exist in Arabic as Iskender (إسكندر). However, a literal transliteration of Sasha in to Arabic is (ساشا).

Who is Lexi diamond?

Lexi Diamond is a pornographic actress in the adult film industry based in California, United States. Her official website is club- lexidiamond .com where the biographic information below can be found: Lexi Diamond Quick Facts Alias: None Date of Birth: 12/28/1990 Home Town: Pomona, California, USA Measurements: 34A-23-26 [changed from A to C, May 2010] Height: 5'2 Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Lexi Diamond Biography Lexi Diamond is a brown haired brown eyed babe who was born in Pomona, California in 1990. Lexi made her first appearance on the adult industry scene in 2009 when she was 19 years old. During her first year in the adult industry Lexi featured in just two films which both fell in to the Co-Ed niche. Lexi Diamond is loved by her many fans for a variety of reasons including her delicious perky 34A titties that make up only part of her top heavy 34A-23-26 figure. Lexi does not currently have any tattoos or piercings. Throughout her adult career Lexi Diamond has worked with a variety of adult production studios including Red Light District and Porn.com. Lexi has also had the opportunity to work alongside some big name adult stars including Kaci Starr, Natalia Rossi, Gracie Glam and Kacey Jordan. .

What is lexis nexis bridger insight?

Bridger Insight XG is a product of Lexis Nexis. This application downloads watchlists (e.g. FBI Most wanted, Money Laundering blacklists etc etc) from its company site. It is an application used mostly by corporates to determine if their clients are associated with any of these illegal activities. It is one way of staying safe and doing business with legitimate parties. The current version of BIXG application is 4.x.

Who is Lexi in The Vampire Diaries and does she dies?

Lexi was Stephen Salvatore's best friend she was the one who overthe years managed to get through to him when he let the vampire inhim take over. She was staked by Damon Salvatore

How many words can you get in the word Lexi?

The words that can be made from the letters in Lexi are I and lie.

Who is Sasha kozlov?

Perhaps you are referring to Alexandra Sasha Kozlov. She is an American-born concert pianist, who has also trained as a conductor. Ms. Kozlov's work as a pianist has won her both domestic and international acclaim in the classical music world.

When did Lexie Bigham die?

Lexie Bigham died on December 17, 1995, in Los Angeles, California, USA of road accident.

How old is Lexi Thompson?

Lexi Thompson is 20 years old. She was born on February 10, 1995 in Coral Springs, Florida.