Who is a person in charge of a body before a funeral?

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A mortician.
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How does a person get an irrevocable funeral trust?

Setting up an Irrevocable Funeral Trust Final Expense plan can now be done by attorneys, financial planners, insurance agents and funeral consultants. With the funeral trus

What does the funeral director do to prepare the body for a funeral?

If there will be a funeral viewing or wake, the body of the deceased may need to be embalmed within approximately eight hours after death, although embalming is only done with

What does a funeral home do to a body when you die?

There are several things that funeral homes do to a body..depending on state laws... Basically The first thing is that the body is placed in a refrigeration unit at 45*F until

What are the steps to getting a dead persons body ready for their funeral?

No kidding, but first of all they have to be declared legally dead. If they died outside of a hospital or their malady began outside of the hospital; they are required to have

Can you have a funeral if there is no body?

Yes, but it would be more properly called a memorial orlife-appreciation service. One was held for Amelia Earhart in l938and at the time it was not known whether she was alive