Who is Reginald Dwight?

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Reginald Dwight is Elton John's real name. Or his given name.
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Who is Reginald Holland?

reginald holland was an English cinema organist of the l930s & l940s and possibly of the l950s.He may have emigrated to Canada later Reginald holland was my grandfather and

Who is reginald Carter?

reginald carter is lil Wayne's step father. his biological father left when Wayne was an infant therefore lil Wayne recognizes reginald carter as his father and even took up h

When did Reginald Dwight change his name to Elton John?

He placed it as a stage name/nickname possibly around 1967. Helater changed it legally in January 1972 by deed poll. NO. He changed his name legally on December, 8th, 1971. Y

What did reginald punnett do?

He invented the Punnet Square, which allows one to determine the genetic probability from the P and F1's offspring.
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Who is Saint Reginald?

I can find no reference to any saint named Reginald. There was a Reginald of Piperno who was a close companion of St. Thomas Aquinas but he has not been canonized a saint.