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Albert Cheeks was one of the students of the late Ki Whang Kim (10th dan). He had started training with GM Kim back in the early 1963 and continued all the way up until the passing of GM Ki Whang Kim in 1993. Albert Cheeks received his 7th dan from GM Kim in Tangsoodo Moo Duk Kwan and was considered the Master of Fighting. Albert Cheeks was not only the assistant instructor of Kim's Studio in Silver Spring but also the right hand of Ki Whang Kim.

Through out the mid 60's, 70's and some of the early 80's Albert Cheeks was one of the top fighters, breakers and forms competitors that Ki Whang Kim had trained. Albert Cheeks was on the 1973 American Tae Kwon Do team that went to Korea and won the bronze and silver medals in fighting. He had won numerous 1st place and grand champion titles up and down the East Coast and Midwest of the United States and Canada.

Today Albert Cheeks is a 9th dan and president of the Ki Whang Kim Traditional Martial Arts Association. He conducts seminars promoting the teaching and training of GM Ki Whang Kim.
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