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Some people develop a disease that effectly can increase the size of testicles/scrotum.

In some cases the disease can cause certain body parts, such as the scrotum, to swell to the size of a softball or basketball.
I have myself actually seen a picture (in an old book regarding diseases) of an African man with a scrotum actually resting on ground when he was standing upright.
The disease is known as Elephantiasis, and is quite common in parts of Africa.
It affects people differently and scrotum is not the only part that can be affected.
Neither does it always affect scrotum.
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What is the rete testis?

Found in the testis (of the male reproductive system), it is the network of canals at the termination of the straight tubules in the mediastinum testis. Synonymous to Haller r

What is testis?

testis (plural,testes)- also called testicle, is an oval-shapedorgan that produces sperm cell, the male reproductive cell.

What is the function for the testies?

The testes have a twofold function. Firstly, testosterone production takes place in the Leydig cells of the testes. Secondly, sperm cells are produced in the testes.

What does your testis do?

Like the ovaries to which they are homologous, testes are components of both the reproductive system (being gonads) and the endocrine system (being endocrine glands). The resp

What is the hormone of the testis?

The testicles produce the male hormone Testosterone. It is possible that they also produce minute amounts of the female hormone Progesterone.

When does the testis descend?

Typically a baby's testicles will have descended by the time it is born, and it is one of the checks done on the newborn before it leaves the hospital. If it hasn't descended

What are testis and function?

testis are the male reproduction organs covered by scrotum and connected to the urethra or the penis. it is used for production and storage of sperms.