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Who gets the social security money once a parent dies?

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Someone has to pay for the funeral and that person will get a death certificate to show Social Security. That person also takes the parent's S.S. Card with them. Then, Social Security will give them a check. It will be a lump sum payment and might only be a few hundred dollars. If the wife or husband is still alive they get the money otherwise the child who goes to the S.S. gets it.
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Who gets your social security after you die?

Upom Your Demise They Stop Payments. If That's Not Bad Enough If You Expire Before a Check Is Cut In Your Name It Is To Be Returned. I Hope This Helps, God Bless

If a parent receives Social Security benefits can the minor children receive money too?

If a parent receives Social Security Disability (SSDI) or retirement benefits, his or her minor children can also receive a monthly benefit until age 18, or age 19 if the chil

Can you get Social Security if your husband dies?

Widows are eligible to begin drawing retirement benefits on their late husband's earnings record at age 60 if they have not remarried before that time. Disabled widows are eli

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You can start receiving retirement benefits at age 62. However, you will get substantially more if you wait until you are older to get your first check. The amount you will re

Who gets MY parents social security when they are both dead?

No one will get it. Your parents paid for other people's social security. Just as younger people pay for your parents. Your parents do not have a balance for their social secu

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You can start to receive Social Security at 62. You get a large pension if you wait until you are older to start collecting monthly checks.

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