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The area now the US was inhabited by Native American tribes for several thousand years, but the first Europeans to explore its current territory were Spanish conquistadors from Hispaniola and Cuba. Officially, Juan Ponce de Leon is credited with the first sighting of Florida in 1513.
Columbus is credited with discovering the American continent, but it is far more likely that vikings landed in America long before him.
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Who discovered the US of America?

The term "US of America" is a political one and refers to the country whilst "America" is geographical. It is certain that the Vikings reached North America before Columbus as

Who discovered the us Virgin Islands?

The U.S. Virgin Islands were originally settled by Ciboney, Caribs and Arawaks. They were named by Christopher Columbus on his 2nd voyage. The islands were settled by the Dani

How was US discovered?

Some peeps from across the ocean. were sent to go get spices. Now back then traveling by land took months at a time so they decided to go by sea. To their shock they landed at

Who was the US discovered by?

Well most people think it was Christopher Columbas but Lief Erickson discovered it way before him

Who discover US?

Amerigo Vespucci is given the credit for discovering America.

When was the US discovered?

From various indications the US was discovered around 1492. This iswhen Christopher Columbus arrived in the US but this is notdefinite and has always been a matter of debate.

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