Who controls the police force?

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The government.

Additional: The 'police" (incl. all law enforcement) are part of the Executive Branch of Government. They are under the nominal administrative guidance of a Chief of Police - Sheriff - Superintendent of Police - whatever - who receive their Administrative guidance from the elected Executive - Mayor - County Commissioner - Sheriff - etc, who are subject to the leadership of the elected members of the Legislative Branch.
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What does the police force do?

The police force was designed with the motto "to protect and serve". they uphold the law, and they make sure the streets are safe for citizens. this includes performing invest

What are the police sergeants functions in the police force?

1st line supervisor of officers. Added: Most uniformed police agencies are set up along military lines and rank structure. Police Sergeants fulfill the same function as Ser

When did the british police force start?

1940 is rubbish answer. The correct answer is that the first officially organised Police Force in the World - not just the UK - was set up by Sir Robert Peel in 1829. Where yo

What are the aims and objectives of the police force?

The overall aims of all of the Yorkshire and Humber Police Force is:. To provide the best possible service to all members of our community who require our services, whether t

How many police forces in world?

The Police and Police Force were invented by the British and there are police force's in every country in the world. As for the best i would have to say Hong Kong police forc

Can you join the police force if you are 31yrs?

Some law enforcement agencies have upper age limits for recruits, but there are rare. In most cases, anyone who is of the minimum age (usually 21) and otherwise meets hiring s