Who are the actors in the direct tv Dallas Cowboys commercial?

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The Cab Driver is New York actor Leonid Citer of Russian decent. The Texas actors are veteran Native Texan Commercial, Film and TV actors David Born and
Julia Lashae. Mr. Born was a regular on Friday Night Lights on NBC for 2 seasons. They cast the Texas actors in Houston & shot the commercial in The Bronx, NY. The depiction is that of a comedic 'East Texas Couple' who goes to"New York City' for the first time. They cast naive Texans for realism.
The couple is not intended to be Dallas socialites. As a 5th generation Texan,
I verify that I have relatives who talk like this.
One does not have to live in Dallas to be a Cowboy's fan, I am a huge Cowboy's fan and I live in Houston.
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Has Patrick Dempsey done a direct tv commercial or who is the actor who does a Direct TV commercial who looks and sounds like Patrick Dempsey?

The guy isn't him. I wondered the same thing for quite awhile. They have a new ad now w/a closeup of the guy--don't know who he is, but it sure seemed like the camera distance

How big is the Dallas Cowboys TV in their stadium?

As the Dallas Morning News explained it, imagine four long buses parked end to end. That's the length of the world's largest video screen, an 11,200 square-foot Mitsubishi Ele