Which two continents form the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea?

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The two continents are Europe and Africa.
Three continents have a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. They are Africa, Asia and Europe.
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Which countries have a coastline on the Mediterranean sea?

United Kingdom (territories) Spain France Monaco Italy Malta Slovenia Croatia Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro Albania Greece Cyprus Turkey Syria Lebanon Israel Egypt Libya

Where in India does mediterranean sea touch the coastline?

India is located in Asia with all of its coastline lying betweenthe Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The Mediterranean Sea islocated between Europe on the north, Africa on t

What two continents are separated by the Mediterranean Sea?

Europe and Africa are separated by the Mediterrannean Sea. The Sea also touches Asia, but it does not separate it from any other continent (it still touches Africa and Europe)

Countries which have a coastline on the Mediterranean sea?

The following countries have a coastline of the Mediterranean Sea: Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria,