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Which trademark symbol should be used with twitter?

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Assuming you are referring to the social networking website, the name "twitter" is a legally registered trademark so it should be used with the ® symbol.
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How do you get the trademark symbol?

To add the trademark symbol in html (™) you can call the HTML entity. To do this, you add an ampersand followed either by the entities name, or it's number, and then a semic

Can you use the trademark symbol?

  You can use the trademark ™ symbol on any unique name or logo you created and use. It does not require special registration yet still signifies your ownership. The Reg

Is Twitter trademarked?

  Yes. Twitter (the website) is trademarked with registration number 3619911. The holder of record is... Twitter Inc. Corporation Delaware 539 Bryant Street, Suite 4

Should you keep the trademark symbol on a band logo?

In order to use the trademark symbol, you need to have registered the design with the trademark office. When you license your image for use by the band, you can specify, for

Is it necessary to use the trademark symbol throughout a website?

Use of the trademark symbol is optional, but it doesn't hurt. For logos it's often part of the image file, so it would actually be more work not to use it. This page is full o

What prizes should i use for my twitter competition?

Think about what interests you have that have gained you followers. For example, if you often tweet about a certain author a great prize would be a copy of one of her books. I
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Where can one find the US trademark symbol?

One can find the US trademark symbol from the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) database for free. One alternative you can do is to hire an attorney to make th