Which process can be observed in a laboratory?

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Why should safety precautions be observed in the laboratory?

Maybe you don't die or get seriously injured See the Related Questions links to the left for WHAT safety rules should be followed and how to correctly use laboratory appar

What are the laboratory rules to observe when entering chemistry laboratory in schools?

1) Always wear shoes and lab coats while entering the lab. . 2)Use cloves and aprons while handling with concentrated solutions. . 3)Keep strong acids on sand mound. . 4

Guidelines to be observed in the laboratory?

There are a number of guidelines to be observed in the laboratory.Some of the guidelines include personal safety, taking sanitarymeasures and using protective gear during reac

Sense not to be used for laboratory observations?

All senses can be used for laboratory observations, except taste. If you are to smell, you should wave your hand over the solution to redirect the smell towards your nose an

What is laboratory observations?

Laboratory Observation means observing the individual (s) in a laboratory setting, paying close attention to his/her reaction or behavior. Which is not as good as observing th
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What are the guidlines to be observing in the laboratory area?

In chemistry labs, you should wear goggles, lab apron, closed toe shoes, no sandals of any kind. Wear long hair tied back. Don't wear jewelry that could get caught on a piece