Which of these nations is located closest to the Philippines Malaysia and Indonesia?

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Is Malaysia in Indonesia?

No, of course not. Malaysia is not in Indonesia. But our location is quite close. Malaysia consists of two parts, namely the peninsular and the Borneo part. The peninsular Mal

How were Malaysia Singapore and Indonesia formed?

In the last Ice Age abt 10k years ago, you could probably walk from Johor to Jakarta and Kuching. Then Earth got warmer, ice-cap melted, sea-level rose, blah blah, and a singl

Largest religion in Malaysia and Indonesia?

The largest religion in Maylaysia and Indonesia is Muslim. Maylaysia is about 60.7% Muslim and Buddhism is the next largest religion. The largest religion in Indonesia is Musl

Who is the best Malaysia or Indonesia?

I'm from Japan and for your information, I've been living and studying in Malaysia for 3 years. And what I want to say is Malaysia is better than Indonesia because people here

What is fax code from Indonesia to Malaysia?

In general, you dial a fax number on a fax machine exactly the sameway you would dial the same number on a landline telephone at thesame location. The telephone country code