Which of the ancient civilizations developed an empire that controlled most of the land?

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the Persians controlled most of the land.
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Why did most ancient civilizations develop near rivers?

Most ancient civilizations needed the fertile land, food sources(water-based fowl, fish, etc.), and trading opportunities foundnear rivers to support their community. Over tim

Where did most ancient civilization develop?

Ancient civilizations began by rivers and fertile lands. The first civilizations started in the Fertile Crescent, around the Nile river. This was known as the "Cradle of Civil

Why did ancient civilizations lose their empire?

they lost their empire because it was so big and hard to deal with that they surrendered to other regions who came in to attack. another reason is the empires didn't have anyt

What ancient civilizations devloped an empire that controlled the most land?

The Roman Empire, lasting 500 years, was a very large ancient empire, most likely the largest out of the ancients. It stretched over the whole Mediterranean Sea's coasts, and

What two ancient civilizations influenced the byzantine empire most?

The heritage of the so-called Byzantine Empire were the Greek and Roman civilisations. The Byzantine Empire was the continuation of the Roman Empire. This term has been coine