Which medicine can cause heart attack and is not discovered in autopsy?

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INSULIN is the only medicine that does the trick....
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Can anger cause heart attacks?

There are chances of getting heart attacks when you are angry.. This is because when you are angry, your blood pressure increases. That is the flow of blood in blood vessels

Can pneumonia cause a heart attack?

Sorry poh hnd k0h alam yong answer ehh search na lng poh kayo sa iba :)) God Bless poh :)) #Ang Batang Mag-Aaral ng RCC (Angeles City) :-D

When was the first heart attack discovered?

The first heart attack was discovered when the first autopsy was conducted and heart problems could be seen on the heart (infarction will create necrotic areas of the heart mu

What is a heart attack and what causes a heart attack?

The heart is a muscle, and like all muscles, it needs oxygen to survive. When the blood flow that brings this oxygen to the heart is severely reduced or cut off completely, th
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Can anxiety attacks cause a heart attack?

Anxiety attacks does not cause heart attacks in normal heart. The anxiety may cause heart attack in previously compromised heart. You can have heart attack, if you are a patie