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Which is the costliest product from crude oil?

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plastic is made from crude oil.
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What products do you get out of a barrel of crude oil?

Every 42-gallon (159-liter) barrel of oil can be refined into 19.4 gallons (73 liters) of gas, 10.5 gallons (40 liters) of diesel, and 4.1 gallons (16 liters) of jet fuel,

What products are derived from crude oil?

Crude oil is feedstock for just about everything under the sun. When crude oil is refined, its various chemical parts are separated and some become gasoline, some lubricants,

What products can be made from crude oil?

See the link below Pretty much any product that ends in -ine (gasoline), -ane (propane), or -ene (kerosene), along with diesel fuel and many plastics. These substances are r

What are 3 products of crude oil?

AsphaltBunker Grade Fuel OilFuel OilGreaseMotor OilKeroseneJet FuelDiesel OilGasoline (Petrol in England)Machine oilCutting OilGaseous Products Was that enough? Thats just fro

The production of plastic from crude oil?

By plastic, I believe you meant addition polymers. First of all, crude oil is an incredibly complex mixture of hydrocarbons. When these hydrocarbons are separated using fracti

What products is crude oil in?

Crude oil is not directly used in products, its fractions and derivatives of those fractions are.

How many product find in crude oil?

Dozens of primary products from natural gas through asphalt. Some are: natural gassolventsgasolinediesel oilkerosene/jet fuellubricating oilshome heating oilvaselineparaffina