Which is the best acne treatment available in India?

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Well it will probely depend on the type of acne you have, there so many treatments availabe that finding the right one can be anoying. try out different products and see what works for you.
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What is the best nonsurgical treatment for acne scars?

There are lot of treatment options you can try on incase your acneis just forming newly on the skin. You can wear sunscreen which isquite important. Unprotected exposure to su

What is the best treatment for acne scars?

ANSWER: Use Proactive. Definitely. ANSWER: There are a number of ways on how to treat acne scar and pimples: 1. Laser Acne Scar Treatment - a type of skin resurf

Is proactive the best treatment for acne?

I would not recommend Proactive.. You have to wash your hands after you use it because if you put your hands on any type of fabric it stains and puts white splotches on your c

What are the best acne treatments?

Hi, Acne is a skin condition caused by an infection of the propionibacterium in sebaceous glands - glands usually found in hair-covered areas such as on the face and upper bo

Is Oxy the best acne treatment?

Oxy is the best acne treatment to use in my opinion. Not for me, it mad my acne worse, i had acne all over my face, instead of zits/pimples. but really,its just your type of

What are the best treatments for acne?

i know how to clear ur face just go to acne.org and itz about $70and down i bought the one that costes 38.44 As per expert team of doctors from Reva Aesthetics (Delhi, India)t

What is the best treatment for acne vulgaris?

Acne Vulgaris is one of the most commonskin disease which dermatologists have to treat. It is a skindisorder of the pilosebaceous unit that generally develops inadolescence an

What is the best acne treatment for a teenager?

I'm giving a testimony about Dr. Salami the great Herbalist, he hasthe cure to all manner of diseases, he cured my herpes simplexvirus, though I went through different website
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What are the best treatments for teen acne?

The best treatments for teen acne really depend on how severe it is. If it is mild then it is better to use a natural treatment such as green tea or aloe vera. However, a sev
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What is the best treatment for facial acne?

Some of the causes of facial acne are hormones, stress and heredity. It is important to keep one's face clean and to use a gentle cleanser that does not cause skin irritation
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What treatments are available to cure acne?

There is no known cure to treat acne. However there are treatments available to control the breakouts. Topical treatments such as creams are available widely as well as stro
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What is the best treatment for acne on backs?

The best treatment for acne on backs is retinoid treatment. This should come after a course of antibiotics, and remove acne on backs as well as the face and other skin surface