Which is more economical to install fibrous duct board or flex duct?

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Fiberglass Duct Board is cheaper to install than Sheet Metal Ducts. This is definitely the choice of most builders if you don't know any better.

Your Air Distribution Duct System should look like a tree ... comprised of a Main Trunk and Branch lines from that trunk. The trunk should bet smaller as it passes every several branches in order to maintain the pressure. Each branch line should have a manual damper (valve) to regulate the volume for balancing. Then you can eliminate hot and cold spots. All joints should be sealed with mastic and UL 181 rated tape.

The biggest problem is that while it may look good, its structure gets less rigid (spongy) and interior lining is disgusting after just a few years of normal use. It's literally falling apart after 5 years. Almost every client of mine whose home has a duct board (did I say cheap) system complains of allergies and excessive dust.

The only benefit is that when you finally decide to install a safer, more reliable, once-in-a-lifetime metal system, the duct board system can usually be removed in less than an hour with just a knife. Then it is placed in trash bags to remove it from the house without getting airborne particles everywhere.

The only good use is when you want to line a return (with the foil side facing you) for additional insulation purposes.

The only thing worse than ductboard is a duct system made of Flexible main trunks connected to small duct board triangles being used for sub-distribution into smaller areas.Whoever dreamed that one up was really looking to rip you off. mrgeothermal.com
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