Which is bigger the solar system or the universe?

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the universe is bigger than a solar system. Obviouisly, because there are many solar systems in our galexy, and many galexies in our universe, there may be more that one universe contained in what I choose to call 'Infinity'.
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Is a Universe bigger than the Solar System?

The Solar System is our Sun, the planets, their moons and a whole host of other interstellar stuff. Our Solar System is part of the Milky Way Galaxy, a collection of billions

Which is bigger a galaxy or a solar system?

Galaxy. Solar system contain planets and stars. While thousands of stars makes up a Galaxy . A Galaxy. Our Milky Way Galaxy is ~100,000 light years across. Our Solar sy

Is a solar system bigger than a universe?

No, the solar system is just the same give to the system of planets which orbit the Sun. There are millions of similar systems in this galaxy and there are millions of galaxie

What is bigger constellations or the solar system?

Constellations aren't really single units that we can measure the size of, as they consist of many stars that appear as patterns in our sky, but they are all completely separa

What is bigger the galaxy universe solar system?

The "solar system" is the name we use to describe everything associated with the sun. The sun is one of an estimated 400 billion stars in this galaxy. This galaxy is one

What is bigger the universe or the solar system?

The definition of "universe" is "everything". That includes the solar system Since the solar system is a part of the universe, and since there is other stuff in addition to

Is the biggest star in the universe bigger than your solar system?

Maybe. The biggest known star is way past the orbit of Jupiter (Source for everything-Science Channel: How The Universe Works; Extreme Stars) . note: Biggest star is said t