Which country's women have biggest breasts in the world?

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The breast size of women of different geographical origin has been a subject of common speculation throughout the modern history. The discussion concerning the correlation between women´s breast size and their geographical and ethnic origin has been ongoing ever since our ancestors began to travel. "In which country do women have the largest breasts?" has been a fairly common
question asked by people in all times, including our own. People's natural interest in breast size variation is genetically driven as women´s breasts are the most obvious female secondary sexual characteristic which is of substantial importance from the perspective of social status and reproductive behavior.
Despite all the interest shown the availability of scientifically reliable data concerning the variation of breast size between the female populations of different countries has been limited until recently when an international group of scientists made a thorough international data analysis with statistically reliable results. The breast size data of women born in 108 countries were converted to a comparable format and analyzed. The study analysis defined in a scientific way the average breast size of 28 - 30 year old women broken down by country of birth. The analysis was based on accurately measured breast tissue volume of the women in the material. In order to facilitate the practical applicability of the study results the outcome of the final analysis was also expressed as bra cup sizes using the EU bra size standard as a reference. The smallest average breast volumes have women born in Africa and Asia, particularly in the East Asian countries. The Cup size "A" or even smaller was found to be the average cup size in many of the countries in these regions. Caucasian women born in the U.S.A. have by far the largest breasts of all women. Their average bra cup size, when converted to the European measurement system, is substantially larger than "F", which is the largest standardized cup size in the EU. The relative cup size of the U.S. women could not be expressed as an exact cup size indicated by a letter symbol, because the cup size "F" is the largest cup size in the EU bra size standard. This is no obstacle for an accurate comparison of the mean breast size by country, as the absolute breast volumes measured are directly comparable between all the countries included in the study material. Also women born in Canada have a substantially larger mean breast size than women born outside North America. The mean cup size of women of Canadian origin is "E" according to the EU bra size standard. In a global comparison, relatively large breasts have also women born in Ireland, Poland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Iceland Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Colombia and Venezuela. The average breast size in these countries is "D". In terms of absolute figures the largest mean breast volumes have women born in the North American countries. The mean breast volume of Caucasian U.S. women was 1 668 ml and the mean breast volume of women born in Canada was 1 194 ml. In Europe, relatively high mean breast volumes had women born in Ireland (992 ml), Poland (968 ml), the United Kingdom (879 ml), the Netherlands (801 ml) and Iceland (757 ml). In Australia and New Zealand the mean breast volumes were 652 ml and 640 ml, respectively, while the mean breast volumes of women born in African and Asian countries were generally substantially below 200 ml. The population-specific mean breast volume in the material ranged from 111 ml (The Philippines) to 1 668 ml (Caucasian females born in the U.S.A.

Sources: Anderson JDL & Al. JFHS 2013 Aug 8. pii: S0098-7647(14)01086-9. doi: 10.1028/j.fhs.2013.07.056. TD.13.098. SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS REVEALS MAJOR DIFFERENCES IN THE BREAST SIZE OF WOMEN IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.
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