Which bike is quicker kawasaki zx -14 or suzuki hayabusa?

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ninja it has more horsepower to kick it off the block
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Location of battery on a kawasaki zx-14?

The battery for the 2006 ZX-14 (I assume the same for all years) is not under the seat as it is on most bikes. It is actually on the right side of the bike just under the gas

How do i charge the battery on my kawasaki zx 14?

It is underneath the gas tank, inside the frame on the side of the rear brakes, there IS a side door to access the battery, so do not take the tank off. Look at the fin fairin

Kawasaki zx-14 oil?

If your asking for what kind of oil it should be then its 20-50W, which you can find at any local motorcycle dealer.
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What is the best bike out of Honda ktm kawasaki suzuki Yamaha?

Depends what size and year you are looking at. I'm a huge KTM fan as they have incredible bikes in my opinion. Kawasaki's are great too, but if you're looking for a 250-450 fo