Which animals lay blue eggs?

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Robins, Araucana hens, Easter Egger Hens and Americana Hens.
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Do chickens lay blue eggs?

Some breeds of chicken can lay blue eggs - they are the Araucana and Ameraucana. Both lay blue eggs - and purebreds are very rare - especially the Araucana. However, Easte

What kind of animal lays a blue egg?

Robins lay blue eggs, Araucana chickens lay blue eggs. Some grouse lay blue eggs as do Ardea Herodias (Great Blue Heron) The California Condor also lays a blue egg.

Do blue whales lay eggs?

Blue whales - like all whales - are placental mammals. They givelive birth and don't lay eggs. A whale is a mammal meaning that it gives live birth. there are only several mam

Why do chickens lay blue eggs?

The Araucana is a certain kind of a chicken, and they lay blue eggs. This happens for no apparent reason. Perhaps it's their diet. The Cream Crest Leg Bow lays a sort of g

Why do birds lay blue eggs?

Blue eggs may be more camouflaged in green foliage than white eggs. Also, eggshells with blue pigments in them are stronger than white eggshells, so more survive to hatch. Pig

Do henss lay blue eggs?

There is a chicken that lays a blue egg. It's an Ancona chicken. (It's listed at wikipedia if your curious.)

Why did your chicken lay a blue egg?

Easy, its because the breed of the chicken naturally lays blue eggs its okay go ahead and eat it. Sounds like you have an Araucana or Americana hen. Easter Egger chickens

Can a chicken lay a blue egg?

No chickens can lay blue eggs, although country chickens can lay brown eggs and others lay white. The comment above is incorrect, chickens can lay blue eggs. Aruacanas, Ame