Which European nation first colonized south Africa?

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the first white inhabitants to land at the cape (cape of good hope/ cape town) were the dutch.

however, the dutch were first to establish a permanent settlement in cape town as part of a refreshment station on the shipping route between Europe and India. the first dutch governor of the cape (Jan van riebeek) arrived in table bay in April 1652.

the English later took control of the region.

1652 The Dutch arrive
1688 The French Huguenots
1805 Colonized by the British
1820 The British Settlers
1961 Independence

Throughout this period to well into the early 1900 s immigrants from all over the world arrive with notable pockets of German, Scandinavian and Portuguese.The Afrikaans speaking (mainly Dutch) stock continue to dominate and played an increasing dominant role as British power was eroded.
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