Which Disney movies had fortune tellers?

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I have not seen every Disney movie ever created, but I have seen the majority. I do not remember many fortune tellers other then in The Princess and the Frog.
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Can I believe in Chinese fortune teller?

You can but if what you are told comes to pass it will either be by coincidence, or what you are told will happen because it follows Murphy's Law i.e "If a things is going to

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First get an A4 piece of paper then fold corner until it meets the other side.Fold other corner up till it meets the other side,after that cut of the triangle at the top.Unfol

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fortune tellers are just like gypsies but the only difference is that fortune tellers can tell your future

What does a Fortune teller look like?

Like anyone else might look. We are humans too. We are just moreopen to messages from the spirit world or the "universal energies"(God, angels, etc.).
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You will get an "A" on a test. . You will be rich. . Good fortune will be yours. . You will have many friends. . Do a good deed today. . Someone will call you today. . Y

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any thing you want really Good/Bad . You will die socially in 2 days-- (bad) . Your boyfriend/girlfriend will dump you in a week-- (bad) . You will be stuck in a p