Where would a DNA substitution have the smallest or least effect on the organism?

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Why would a change in DNA sequence change that organism?

In an organism, a genetic code is made by the cells, but in that genetic sequence, if one or more letters are change, replaced, or deleted, then those cause mutations in the o

If a human was subjected to wolf DNA would it have any effects?

Short answer: No. Long answer: First you must realize that every cell in a human body has it's own copy of a persons DNA and only expresses the required portion of the genom

What is the least common form of DNA found in organisms?

I believe there is only one form of DNA. There are numerous forms of RNA. The least common RNA molecule is tRNA as it is stimulated by the protein synthesis cycle and is only
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How would a change in a DNA code effect a protein?

It depends. Some changes wouldn't have any effect on protein, sincea few codones are translated to each amino acid, other would changeone amino acid in the protein (in most ca