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History records that the first official Ryder Cup golf competition was held at the Worcester Country Golf Club, Massachusetts, USA in 1927. The History of the Ryder Cup The historical origins of the Ryder Cup competition are open to debate amongst golf historians. The Ryder Cup began as a series of golf matches between the United States of America (USA) and Great Britain (GB). Sylvanus P. Jermain, president of the Inverness Golf Club in Toledo, Ohio, USA is credited with first coming up with the concept in 1921 by writers of Ryder Cup history. In 1951 the founder of Golf World, Bob Harlow (who also managed Walter Hagen) suggested that Ryder Cup matches were first planned in 1920 by James Harnett. He worked for the sports publication, Golf Illustrated. Harnett had tried to generate potential readers by raising money to fund the expenses for a professional golf match between the United States and Britain.
It wasn't until the AGM of the The PGA of America on December 15, 1920, that it was decided fund James Hartnett's concept. Ultimately the sense of competition that that Harnett so enthusiastically wanted to foster became The Ryder Cup competition. Historical records indicate that the first unofficial Ryder Cup-style matches were played in 1921 at Gleneagles Golf Course in Scotland. The American team was chosen by Harnett. Great Britain made Ryder Cup history by beating the American golf team 9-3. The next informal match took place at Wentworth Golf Club in England. Great Britain ran out easy winners with a score of 13 $ to 1 $ . In the gallery was an entrepreneur named Samuel Ryder. Samuel Ryder was a wealthy English seed merchant. He had hired British golf star Abe Mitchell as his golf instructor. In this early version of the Ryder Cup Mitchell won both of his matches beating Walter Hagen and Jim Barnes, the then reigning British Open Champion, in the doubles match. Mitchells' doubles partner on the day was George Duncan and they whipped the Americans 9 & 8. History tells us that Ryder had tea with the players after the matches. George Duncan is credited with the notion that Ryder should donate a cup as a permanent trophy to be competed for by the British and Americans on a regular basis. Samuel Ryder commissioned the manufacture of a gold cup that now bears the Ryder name and has the image of Abe Mitchell on the top of the trophy. History records that the first official Ryder Cup golf competition was held at the Worcester Country Golf Club, Massachusetts, USA in 1927. Due to illness Abe Mitchell was unable to compete and the USA soundly beat the British golfers 9 $ to 2 $ . Walter Hagen was the captain of the American team that was confined to golfers born in America. The first US Ryder Cup team was Johnny Farrell, Al Watrous, Johnny Golden, Leo Diegel, Bill Mehlhorn, Joe Turnesa and Gene Sarazen . Al Espinosa and Mike Brady were named as alternates. In the absence of Abe Mitchell the first British Ryder Cup golf team was captained by Ted Ray other members of the team by Arthur Havers, Fred Robson, Herbert Jolly, Aubrey Boomer, Archie Compston, George Duncan, George Gadd and Charles Whitcombe.
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Who was the American Captain of the first Ryder Cup?

Walter Hagen was the American Captain in 1927, Ted Ray Captained the GB Team. . For a full list of Ryder Cup Captains go here. . http://pgatouriststatbank.blogspot.com/sea

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The Ryder Cup is a men's golf competition that happens every two years, with a change of venue from USA to Europe every other year. The Ryder Cup was established in 1927, a

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It is played on different courses, not on the same course likeother golf tournaments. As it is a competition between golfers fromthe USA and golfers from countries in Europe,

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Each team consists of 12 players. On Friday and Saturday there is a fourball match (4 teams of two for each team), and a foursomes match (again 4 teams of two for each team),

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The Ryder Cup is a golf competition between teams from the United States and teams from Europe. The Ryder Cup began in 1927, and originally was a competition between United