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Where to go to get the ruby in Pokemon FireRed?

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First get a national dex .( beat the league and make your pokedex 60 minimum . Then go meet oak . )
Then go talk to Celio in one island in the Pokemon center .
Then go to Mt. Ember and beat the rockets .
Pass the maze in the cave and GET THE RUBY .
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What island is the ruby on in pokemon firered?

The ruby is found on Island One, in Mt. Ember . Right when you enter Mt. Ember which is all the way to the north on One Island, go to the right and you will see two Team Ro

How do you get ruby in pokemon FireRed?

You have to help celio with his machine on island one by finding him two gems, a ruby and a sapphire. There are guides to how to get them on the Internet. Then you can trade o

Where is the ruby orb Pokemon FireRed?

to find the ruby orb you need to go to 1 island go strate and then turn right and then you find team rocket beat them to and go in the cave that's where you find the ruby orb

How do you get Pokemon from ruby to Pokemon FireRed?

ok the only way to get Pokemon from ruby to fire is ia #1 get a game shark or #2 or after you beat the elite 4 catch 60 different Pokemon then talk to oak and after that go ta

In Pokemon FireRed where do you get the second ruby?

  It's actually a sapphire, and you can get it at the Dotted Hole, which you can open with cut, on either island four or six (sorry, I don't remember which). Once you get

Where is the othere ruby in Pokemon FireRed?

To get the ruby in Firered, the one you have to give to Celio, go to Mount Ember near One Island. At the entrance, move to the right slightly and you will see two Rocket Grunt

How do you get the other ruby in Pokemon FireRed?

Ok it's a bit difficult BUT, listen carefully #1. Go to Six Island, work your way all the way down to the cave and there will be a steel door blocking it just use the HM mov
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How do you get the blue ruby on Pokemon FireRed?

There is no such thing as a blue ruby. In Pokemon Fire Red there is a blue sapphire, and a red ruby. If you are looking for the red ruby, it can be found at Mt. Ember (north o