Where on the Earth do you find an angel shark?

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Where in the world do angel sharks live?

Angel sharks are bottom dwellers that live on ocean floors of depths from 10 to 4,300 feet (3 to 1300 m). They live in warm temperate oceans in the southern hemisphere.

Is it possible to find a shark on Google Earth?

It's not very likely but even a swimming shark was caught in satellite imagery found in Google Earth. One such instance was found in images taken for Google Earth on Australia

How fast can an angel shark swim?

Pacific angelsharks are not what you would call, the fastest swimmer. Much like rays, the pacific angelshark glides along the bottom of the ocean, but can give quick burst of

Are angel sharks dangerous?

If they are left alone, and not provoked, they won't harm you. However if they feel threatened, by you being too close to them, they can inflict some nasty laceration's.
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What is an angel shark?

An angel shark is a member of the Squatina genus of sharks with flattened bodies and broad pectoral fins. There are around 16 known species.