Where is the hairdryer on cyberchase quest 4?

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You get it form that little green character in Perfectumundo (i think) and he will ask you if you want to talk about the weather. when you get the question right he will give you the hair dryer. It took me a couple of tries, but eventually i got it.In the place DIGI-FIZZ .
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Where is the thermometer on cyberchase quest 4?

You go to sensible flats and go to genral store, go to the first door, go in and answer the question. then the lady will give you the thermometer. happy 2 help :)

How do you beat quest 4 on cyberchase?

you have to talk to everyone. Talk to the polar bear many times. She will give you a machine. go to pine tree path and use it. next go to the top of the mountain. The rest is

How do you get the towel on Cyberchase quest 4?

try going to sensible flats and go to the general store and dont go in yet sheriff judy will pop up (if she does not go back to the car area and try again ) answer her questio