Where is the Blend door 2001 grand am?

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in a body shop the blend door or panel is an adjacent part next to a new/repaired body of the vehicle. It is also painted to give a more uniform color to the vehicle with fresh/new paint and help to blend in with the rest of the car.
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1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee blend door actuator?

1998 was a crossover year for Jeep and two different HVAC systems were used. Check the HeaterTreater Ebay listings or web site at www.heatertreater.net to determine which syst

How do you replace the Heater Treater blend door on a Grand Cherokee?

This response is from the HeaterTreater team. I'm not sure why you would want to replace one of our products, but if there is a problem we will bend over backwards to make it

Where is the blend door on 2001 Grand Cherokee I have no heat on the drivers side.?

This is a common problem- the heater blend doors. These are motorized doors about the size of an index card that control whether hot or cold air comes from the vents. There ma

Where is the blend door on 2001 Ford Expedition?

Blend Door Problem . Your problem sounds like the common blend door problem on the Ford Expeditions, and Ford Explorer. The door is on a vertical axis and when it breaks,

Where is the blend door located on a 2001 Chevy s10?

The temp blend door is located in the HVAC assembly behind the dash assembly. The dash assembly must be removed to gain access.

How do you replace 2002 blend door for Pontiac Grand Prix?

Temperature Actuator Replacement LH Removal Procedure 1.Remove the left instrument panel insulator (this is the carpeted cardboard piece above the brake pedal that con

Where to locate a blend door on a 2001 dodge 1500 sport?

It is in the center of the HVAC housing under the dash. Dash and HVAC need removed to access. It is in the center of the HVAC housing under the dash. Dash and HVAC need remov