Where is Kinect cheapest?

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bestbuy especially around Christmas
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What can you do with kinect?

All sorts of things; As you ARE the controller. There is no controllers for it. You use your body to move around the character in a First person view. There is no limits to wh

Is Kinect good?

Yes. The Kinect for Xbox works well. It also has good graphics. However, not that many places have them. Their is a shortage on them in the factories.

What can a Xbox Kinect do?

The Kinect 360 is a combination of an XBox360 plus a kinect sensor. The Kinect allows for controller free gaming as it senses your body movements. It can also recignise your v
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What do you need for a Kinect?

Ideally you need the newer slim version of the XBox360, plus a Kinect sensor plus Kinect games. The Kinect will work on the older Xbox but you will need a separate power ad

Do you have to have the Xbox 360 kinect for the kinect?

If you already have the Xbox 360, you can just buy the Kinect bundle console which saves you more money. Kinect bundle works in Xbox 360 with both 4GB and 250GB memory. You ca