Where is a flasher relay located on a Chrysler Concord?

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It is a black box about an 1¼" square by 2-3" long mounted under the dash near the emergency brake pedal. It looks like an over sized relay similar to the ones in the engine compartment fuse box. There are 3 of these relays located in the same general area. Ask your parts supplier to show you a replacement flasher and you will be able to compare it to the one in your car so that you will know which one to replace. My local dealer charged me $45 for this little gem! Haynes repair manual for Concord/Intrepid includes instructions for testing them.
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Where is the flasher relay 1995 Chrysler concord?

The original answer given by someone else wasn't accurate. It's probably under the dash, but it would be ABOVE the noise guard (knee protector). Not below it. It would likely