Where does the word tombstone originate from?

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"Tombstone" comes from the words "tomb" and "stone." Tomb is Greek and stone is Germanic.
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What is tombstoning?

Answer . Tombstoning (an extreme sport) is when you jump off the cliffside into water for fun/adrenalin. However this can be extremly dangerous and has killed people in the

How do you do tombstone?

Its very simple. Lift your oppent up to the tombstone positon. Next, make sure that you are holding your oppent high up because when you go down your knees hit the ground not

What are the words on Ronald Reagan tombstone?

The epitaphchosen for Reagan's final resting place, on a wall surrounding hisgrave, was his own quote: "I know in my heart that man is good.That what is right will always even

What are tombstones?

they are rocks with r.i.p. written on them. Many individuals feel that only a tomstone can adequately memorialize a loved one. They are placed at the grave of a deceased love

Where is Tombstone?

Arizona.Tombstone is in Arizona in the western city of the Cochise Countyin the United States.

What were doc hollidays last words in tombstone?

"Now that's funny". He says that because in history every cowboy dies with his boots on. And as anybody knows Doc Holiday they should know he is a cowboy. Anyways he was liein