Where did the word bluetooth come from and why is it called bluetooth?

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it was named after Harald a king who ruled in Denmark who was nicknamed blue-tooth .Bluetooth is a trademark used by the company
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What is a Bluetooth?

A bluetooth is a device that allows easy connections with wireless phones and other devices. . Bluetooth is an industrial specification for wireless personal area networ

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth technology is a wireless communication standard, not only for wireless headsets, but for many other applications in the short to medium range (1 to 100 meters).

Why is bluetooth called bluetooth?

It is because, according to legend, King Harald loved to eat blueberries that stained his teeth... and so he was brought with byname "bluetooth". Moreover, Jim Kardach (who

What can you do with bluetooth?

with bluetooth u can exchange files such as pics, videos, songs etc. most modern phones and computers have bluetooth which means u can exchange files from a phone to another p

Why wireless protocol is called bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a trademark for one specific wireless protocol,there are many others (e.g. WiFi, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, 3G, 4G, RFID,LoRaWAN, DigiMesh). Trademarks are used to protec

Why bluetooth technology is called bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a trademark. To use it a device must provide functionality corresponding to the bluetooth specification. As to why they picked that name, you would have to ask th

What colors do bluetooth earpieces come in?

Bluetooth earpieces come in a variety of colors, the most commonbeing Black, Silver, and Blue. If you look hard enough, you canpossibly find other colors, such as white, pink,