Where did the renaissance start?

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Between the 14th and 17th centuries, beginning in Florence and later spreading to the rest of Europe.
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Who started the renaissance?

A group of people in Italy, Florence. It was an age for new ideas to the Europeans.

Why did the Renaissance start?

It started because of the advances inmany subjects; mathematics, more specifically geometry,and because of the political structure this includes the power of the medichi famil

Where was the Renaissance started?

The Renaissance began in Florence, Italy in the 14th century and later spread to the rest of Europe lasting into the 17th century.

What started the Renaissance?

Most people today have absolutely no idea about the real source of the advanced knowledge and sciences that helped drag Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the light of c

Why did renaissance start?

The rennaissance was massive reaction to new found educational methods such as the printing press. It was a classical rebirth in the arts and many other areas. People started

The renaissance started in?

It started in the 14th century and existed through the 16th century.

Who started renaissance?

A group of people started the Early Renaissance. It was the age of opening to new ideas.

Why the Renaissance started?

The Black Death killed so many people that huge plots of land inherited or was given to poor farmers. Because of the success off the new plots of land, farmers had less time t

Where and when did the Renaissance start Why there and then?

The Renaissance began in the late Middle Ages, around thefourteenth century. While it is difficult to pinpoint an exactstarting place, the general consensus is that it began i