Where did french music originate from?

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French music originates from the classical sacred music of the catholic church with records predating Charlemagne.
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What are the origins of music?

Origins of Music Music has a long and complex history. It may predate language (and certainly predates the written word) and is found in every known culture, past and presen

Where music originates?

Answer . music originates from your imagination. i have several friends that produce their own music, and it is a slow process of creating beats and, if you want, adding l

Where did French originate from?

French is a romance language. Therefore it can trace most of its words back to Latin. However, the French empire was very, very large. France had colonies across Africa and th

What is the origin of music?

The study of the origins and purpose of music has been an active pursuit of musicologists and biologists for well over a century. Musicology, the loosely applied and broadly u

Where and when did music Originate?

It is believed that music began back in the prehistoric times. Itis said to have started with natural sounds of earth that werepleasing to the Neanderthals.

What are the origins of the musical?

Musical originates from late Middle English: from Old French, from medieval Latin musicalis , from Latin musica .

Who originated music?

There is no one person said to have first created music. Musicoriginated with the first people to walk the Earth.
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Where does music originate?

Ever since mankind emerged, many tens of thousands of years ago, people have been making sounds with things, for instance conch shells and sticks, to amuse themselves, and for