Where did Deborah Sampson go to school?

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She taught herself until she was 18 and then tought summer school from 1779 - 1780.
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Who was Deborah Sampson?

Deborah Sampson was a woman who wanted to fight in theRevolutionary War, but they wouldn't let her because she was awoman. She disguised herself as a man named Robert Shurtlif

What college did Deborah Sampson go to?

Virginia She did not attend any collage, back in late 1700s, women's were not allowed in school. Her male family members were teaching Deborah what they were learning in sch

What school does george Sampson go?

he goes to Birchwood Community High School, in warrington, in the north west, in cheshire :D. i should kno im in the same school as him i love youu george xxxxxxx

Did Deborah Sampson go to school?

Deborah Sampson, while she was an indentured servant, had many jobs. But, during the winters when there was less to do Deborah attended school. And when her period of servicin

When did Deborah Sampson do this?

Deborah Sampson wanted a more exciting life so she dressed up as a man and entered and battled the revolutionary war. She was among the soldiers at age 20. She didn't want the