Where did Adolf Hitler kill the Jews?

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Adolf Hitler killed over 4 million Jews at concentration camps, in Germany and Poland. Prior to the construction of the concentration and death camps, there were elite units called Einsatzgruppen who would be responsible for finding Jews in the villages where they lived and summarily execute them regardless of age, gender, or militancy. The Einstazgruppen were responsible for over 1 million deaths. In total, between the concentration camps, death camps, and the Einsatzgruppen, 6 million Jews died.
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How did Adolf Hitler kill the Jews?

Many died in in gas chambers Millions of Jews were killed in many various ways, such as: . Stavation - In the ghettos. . Gas Vans - Used at Chelmno and elsewhere. . Mach

Did Adolf Hitler kill only Jews?

Hitler basicly hated and killed the Jews because they were the largest non-German minority in Central Europe at that time. But he also sent Gypsies and other ethnical minoriti

Why did adolf hitler kill and hate jews?

Hitler thought the germans were superior and they were Christianwhereas the jews followed Judaism. No one could be as good as thegermans and Hitler wouldn't allow anyone to co

When did Adolf Hitler kill jew?

Hitler's plan for the Final solution for the Jewish people began in1942. He began having SS officers shooting, gassing and starvingJews in death camps.

Did Adolf Hitler kill jews?

YES! it is what we hated about him. He killed six million Jews. Healso killed many gypsies, gays, people with disabilities, andpossibly other races. BASICALLY anyone he hated

Why did Adolf Hitler want to kill the Jews?

Scholars and psychologists have many theories about this. We do know from research that some commonly held beliefs turned out to be myths-- he wasn't part Jewish, he wasn't tr

Why did Adolf Hitler kill the Jews?

Answer 1 The reason why Hitler hated, targeted and killed the Jews was because that: . He regarded (most) Jews as Communists. . He blamed the Jews for causing the defeat

Why did Adolf Hitler kill the Jews when he was one?

Answer There is no evidence that Hitler was in any sense Jewish. The onlybasis for this legend is a highly suspect supposition aboutHitler's father, which even if true still

Why did adolf Hitler and the Nazis kill the Jews?

This question implicitly has two parts. The first is a question asto the rationales that the Hitler and the Nazis believed in tojustify Anti-Semitic beliefs and the second is

Why did Adolf hitler kill the european jews?

Concerning European Jews: Hitler did not just killEuropean Jews. During the Occupation of Tunisia, he also begankilling Tunisian Jews. He would have tried to kill Moroccan Je

Why did Adolf Hitler promise to kill the jews?

well, he promissed that if the Jews started another war, then it would lead to the destruction of the Jewish people. Which is implicitly saying that he will kill the Jews, the