Where can you purchase a Benjamin Franklin model 130 air pistol rebuild kit?

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Crosman air gun company owns the Benjamin line of air rifles. They offer a service to locate air gun repair shops that restore older Benjamin, Sheridan and Crosman air guns and rifles. See the link below.
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How old is a Benjamin Franklin model 130 air pistol?

Benjamin is now owned by Crosman air gun company. The model 130 is part of the line of 130 series pistols, they included models 130, 132, and 137. They were made from 1946 to

What is a model 130 Benjamin air pistol worth in good condition?

In good condition it would be in the neighborhood of $65 plus or minus $15. The 130 is part of a series of pistols called "130 series" they included models 130, 132 & 137. Man

How old is a Benjamin Franklin model 320 air pistol?

I've referenced several books and catalogues to find a Benjamin model 320 without any luck. I can find NO reference anywhere, but I did find a pistol model 1320 made by Benjam

How old is Benjamin Franklin model 137 air pistol?

The 137 is part of the 130 series of pistols made between 1946 to 1985. The 130 was a BB gun, the 132 was a .22 caliber and 137 was a .177 caliber pellet pistol. See the link