Where can you go when you are bored and have little money?

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You can go to the park or the public library for free. Some public libraries even have video games.

Or you can get a job to earn money for the things you want to do.
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What do you do if you cant go outside and you are bored?

Play a game, go on the computer, eat, draw, listen to music, clean, school work if u r in school, read a book, try memorizing a long poem or joke.... why would you not be able

Where do you go when your bored?

you can go to the mall,the movies.go bowling,go swimming,go to the beach(if you live near it),or you can take a nap

Where can you go when your bored?

Go call for a mate. Go shopping. Go to the park.go to the cinema, Just go to fun places. Ask your parents if you can go to the seaside or something.

Where can you go if your bored?

The mall, the movies, watch TV, if you live near a beach like I do go there, have friends over. Dude this is a stupid question, you can figure this one out yourself! (But hope

What to do when bored and have no money?

do chores.get money.go to mall.. ---------------------- Go ride a bike, hang with friends, go fishing, help someone do something, or..... get a job.

Where is a good place to go on a date when you have little money?

Ok, I know this may sound a little corny, but a good place would be the coast. I live in San Diego, & when my boyfriend and I are tight on money, we just go there. It's fun, s

What website do you go to when I'm bored?

One that I like to go on is wannahavefun121.webs.com i get entertained and is fun like the2ndworld.webs.com. They both have games and videos, but if you just want to play game

What can you go on with a computer when your bored?

There are several websites you can go on when you are bored. You can play flash online games, stream music/music videos and other videos. You could also improve your knowledge