Where can you get a job at 15 in Akron Ohio?

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heres what you could doi live in Wisconsin and idk if you have like a wendys or McDonalds ar Arbys around or you could do yard work you can put an add in the paper for babysitting or being a pet walker ????
hope i helped a little ???
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What jobs are there for 15 year old in Akron OH?

Well, I am also fifteen years old and I am also in Akron, OH. I have a job at Acme (Grocery Store) and I bag items for customers. I get paid $8.10/hr and I work for four hours

What are some jobs 13 yr olds can do in akron Ohio?

Most jobs are hard to find at this age unless people are willing to pay you under the table. There is always the option of starting your own business... dog walking, babysitti

Jobs for 15 year olds in Ohio?

you can be like me.. im 15 my name is bailey and i work a game booth at kings island. i have been working here for the summer and i get paid good. u need no expirience or anyt

What is the zip code of Akron Ohio?

Akron, Ohio has 30 zip codes so you will have to be more specific: . 44399. 44398. 44396. 44393. 44372. 44334. 44333. 44328. 44326. 44325. 44321. 44320. 44319

Do you have squatters rights in Akron Ohio?

Yes. Akron is in Ohio, and squatters rights are protected under theOhio Revised Code. I would advise reviewing the law in order to understand the concept of "adverse possesion