Where can you get a ak47 BB gun on sale?

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go 2 amazon.com and search ak47 soft air full auto it is 30 or 33 bucks im not sure witch 1 it is called cm.022 cyma
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Can you order AK47 guns online?

In the US you have to have a Federal Firearms License to be able to buy guns and have them shipped directly to you. People who want to buy a gun online make arrangements wi

What gun is a ak47?

It is a Russian made 7.62 caliber full automatic assault rifle that is mass produced on a level never seen before on this planet. It has a rate of fire of 600 rounds per minut

Does walmart sell ak47 bb gun?

Each store may be different but of the three Wallmart stores in my area. I have never seen one, but I have seen them at "Big 5 Sportinggoods" in California.

How muck is a ak47 bb gun?

they can be from 30 dollar spring guns to 300 dollar guns that are electric or gas. its depends on what you want

Are ak47 guns illegal in America?

Only in a few locations. It is legal to own a semi-auto AK-47 in most states at the age of 18. The full auto requires a class III licence from the BATF to own.
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My ak47 bb gun won't shoot even though it's charged and i have the right size bb's. How do i fix it?

There could be several problems: 1.) If the gun is firing but nothing is coming out of the barrel you could have a crap magazine this is an easy fix just get a new mag. It co

Is an ak47 a gun?

yes . That is correct, an AK 47 is a type of assault rifle made by Russia, which has been widely exported during the Cold War era.
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Where could one look to find BB guns for sale?

To find BB guns for sale, one can look in various department stores such as Walmart or Target. Or you can look on online websites that sell BB guns such as Amazon or "Air Gun