Where can you get a Disney Store coupon to use in the store?

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You can search online for keyword "disney store coupons" or "disneystore coupons", use either Google, Yahoo or Cool Cuil search. You will find 100s of sites offering coupons for this store, select the one which offers printable coupon that you can use at the Disney stores.
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What are store coupons?

Store coupons are coupons found from the store you are buying it from.

Do Gamestop coupons work in stores?

yes gamestop coupons work in Stores of gamestop. Just find some coupon and apply to at gamestop store.

Why women do not use store coupons?

Because they either leave them in their car or by the time they get to use the ones they need, they are expired. I tried diligently to use coupons for years- clipping them eve

What stores double coupons?

Farts no, but burps yes. I called our local stores and found out that Ralphs and Vons Double up to $1.00 and not a penny more. I hope this helps, Rachel

Do stores lose money when people use coupons?

No. In fact the stores make MORE money when people use cupons because the store gets a refund, PLUS a shipping return fee (which they get paid for shipping it).
In Canada

What stores in Canada offer an overage when using a coupon?

In Canada there are very few stores that offer an overage when using a coupon. WalMart does offer overage and Target their main rival, but new to Canada, also offers overage.