Where can you get 7.7 Japanese besides from Norma?

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A good search tool is ammoseek.com That cartridge is currently offered from PCI, X Caliber, Ventura Munitions, Hornady, Prvi Partizan, and others. You can also try a computer search for 7.7 Arisaka ammo. It is rather pricy at about $1.50 per cartridge and up. If you plan to shoot this a lot, it is worth picking up some reloading equipment and learning to roll your own.

What is the value of 7.7 mm Japanese sniper rifle?

Value would depend on condition and how you know it was a sniper rifle. One thing to check for is to see if there is a cresanthimum stamped on top of the receiver. It will loo

What is the approximate value of a 7.7 Japanese Rifle in good condition?

Values for Japanese Rifles vary and unfortunately are not all that high. Due to the mass import of Japanese rifles post WWII into the United States, the value is generally bet

What is the answer to this -7.7 -7.7?

it is -15.4 they're both negative numbers (-7.7 and -7.7, when you look at them separately) and you just add them up, but keeping the - sign in front of the sum, because:

How do you determine if Japanese Rifle is 6.6 0r 7.7 Caliber?

Determining the type of rifle would be the first way. If it's a Type 35, Type 38, or Type 44, it was originally chambered in the 6.5 cartridge. There were also some Chinese Ty

How much is a 7.7 Japanese rifle?

Value of ANY gun is based on exact make, model, and condition. Assuming yours is a military Arisaka, value could be $50 for a common rifle, poor condition, chrysanthemum marks