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Where can you find romantic love poems?

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In a Shakespear poem book
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Where can you find Spectrum of love poem?

  It's included in a collection of spiritual and love poems by Walter Rinder (60s-70s) titled 'Love is an Attitude'. This poem didn't include the 'Spectrum of Love' title

What are some short romantic love poems?

      my heart it fills with joy with every sight of you,   thinkin and wishin you were here to do the things you do,   you hold me tight and say all the thi

Where can you find love poems in Turkish?

here is one: Anladım sendin aradığım hayatım boyunca Kim koşup açmaz hemen aşk kapıyı çalınca Yalnız yaşamak zor beklemek ondan da zor Çektiklerim artık yeter

What is romantic poems?

The romantic poems are not 'romantic' (lovey-dovey mushy stuff) like most people think. They are actually a collection of poems that were written during the romantic era (the

Where can you find Diamante love poems?

Any website you type into google will do, But if you can not seem to find any here is a good one... Love Beautiful, Passionate Kissing, Hugging, Caring Wedding, Ring, Swearin

Where can you find a good love poem?

Personally I have had great luck with love poems using: poets.org/page.php/prmID/389?gclid=CIaWkY3z4KoCFY8j7AodAy5J9Q It's a great site. They don't have a lot of cheesy po

What poem is romantic and sad?

Well here is a poem I wrote is call you said You said you were fine when I was never fine You said that I was yours when you were never mine You said that you loved me w