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Where can you find pictures of Mitchel Musso?

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Who is Mitchell Musso?

Mitchel Musso is a singer and an actor on Disney Channel. Full Name: Mitchel Tate Musso *His name only has one L. It's Mitchel not Mitchell. Date of Birth: July 9th, 199

Who is Mitchel Musso?

Mitchel Musso plays Oliver Oken who is Lilly Trescott's boyfriend on the tv show, Hannah Montana. He also plays Jeremy Johnson, Candice's boyfriend on the tv show Phineas and

Who are Mitchell Musso and Mason Musso?

Mitchel Musso and Mason Musso are brothers. Mitchel plays the Character 'Oliver Oken' on Hannah Montana and Mason Musso was in the Band 'Metro Station' with Miley's older br

What did Mitchel Musso do?

Mitchel Musso ( Disney actor born July 9, 1991) was 20 whenhe was arrested for DUI in October, 2011. This cost him two roles in Disney series, Pair of Kings andPrankStars.