Where can you find parts for a Benjamin Franklin Model 137 177 caliber pellet gun?

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Crosman Air gun company owns Benjamin airguns. Crosman offers a service to repair airguns that are currently in production and will help you locate a repair shop for older rifles and gun that are no longer in production. (Go to the link below) when the Crosman home page opens click on "find a service center." and follow the prompts to locate a repair shop.
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Where can you find parts for a JC Higgins 22 caliber pellet gun model 126.19310?

kind of an answer I went online and found a guy in PA who repairs older pellet guns, I might be able to look it up, the gun was made by Crosman I think, I have one that has a

Benjamin Franklin pump air rifle model 317 177 caliber?

The rifle was made between 1940-1969. The rifle was made by Benjamin air gun co. (Now owned by Crosman air gun) the name Ben Franklin was just a marketing ploy to sell the rif

How do you find model number for a Benjamin Franklin air pellet gun?

If it appears to be really old it may be on the very back of the barrel on the rear cap. Usually it's on the side of the loading chamber. Benjamin made a model called the 177

What is your Benjamin Franklin air rifle 137 caliber 177 worth?

The model 137 is part of a series of Benjamin pistols (130, 132, & 137) made between 1946-1985. My information states that its a pistol not a rifle. If you have a Benjamin 137

Where can you find parts fora JC Higgins caliber pellet gun model 12619311?

I believe this is a Crosman model 180 made for Sears under the JG Higgins brand name. See the Link #1 below for the owners manual. If this is your rifle then I suggest the fol

Where can you find parts for JC Higgins 22 caliber model 126.2830 pellet gun?

I'm going to try and help you with an answer. I know for a fact that the 126.2830 was made by Crosman for Sears. All Sears model starting with 126.XXXX were Crosman models. My

Can you still get parts for your Benjamin Franklin model 132 22cal. pellet gun?

The 132 is part of a series made by Benjamin it covered models 130, 132 and 137. they were made in both .177, .22 caliber pellets and BB. They were made between 1946-85. The n

Where can you find parts for JC Higgins 22 caliber model 126.1930c pellet gun?

This air gun was made by Crosman for Sears under the JC Higgins brand name. In reality it is a Crosman model 140. Crosman offers a free service to locate shops that repair old