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Where are there no earthquakes?

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Places that are not along fault lines planes* in the earth would have very few earthquakes. +++
In particular, places far from subduction zones, in which one of the Earth's crustal plates is being forced down below another.

*A fault plane is the fracture with displacement itself. Its line is the trace of the fault plane's intersection with the land surface.

There are no places on Earth that experience absolutely no earthquakes.
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What can a earthquake do?

Damages brought by earthquakes: 1) People are injured or killed by collasping buildings 2) Buildings and bridges are destroyed, roades are sliped ope nand dams are destroy

The earthquake is where?

A Earthquake is located where the two plates (a plate boundary) meet and there is to much pressure building up and that is how and where a earthquake is and how it happens.

Where are there no earthquakes with the names of the places?

Although there are some earthquakes that are exceptions, most are  identified by the year they occurred and where they hit (usually a  prominent location) such as the 1906 S